POLICE CHIEF: Brandon M. Esip


Parking Enforcement

One of the duties officers perform on a daily basis is enforcing the Town's parking regulations.  This is done through education and, when appropriate, issuing tickets to those vehicles parked in violation of the town's regulations.

A complete list of the Town's parking regulations is available HERE.

Parking at or near most public beaches is limited to those vehicles that have a Town of Bourne Beach Parking sticker. These stickers are required year-round and are valid from January 1 - December 31 of each year.  The sticker must display the plate number of the vehicle on which it is attached and must be adhered to the vehicle on either the driver's side windshield or bumper.

For more information about the Town's parking regulations, including information on how to purchase a beach permit or how to appeal or pay a citation, please visit the Town's Website.

The police department, as well as other Town agencies including the DPW, are in the process of updating beach parking signs around town to make them clearer to read and understand where parking is allowed and where it is prohibited.  As part of this process, parking zones are being mapped and will be publicly available here.  No new parking regulations were implemented as part of this project. The projected entailed updating faded, incorrect, unclear, or missing signs or adding new signs in existing zones to ensure understanding.

Please note the following regarding the maps below:

  • Zones highlighted in RED are PROHIBITED parking zones.  No vehicles are allowed to park in these areas.  
  • Zones highlighted in GREEN are areas where parking is ALLOWED with the proper permit.
  • Zones that are not highlighted generally have no specific restrictions, but motorists must abide by all other Town parking regulations, including parking on the correct side of the road, not obstructing the roadway, not parking within an intersection, etc.  (See the Town Parking Regulations for more details).


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